Let us cater your next event

Looking for catering? Let Amphawa Thai Noodle House handle everything for your next catered meal. Whether family parties, graduations, corporate events, company parties, or any social gatherings. If you have an event, we have the best authentic Thai food to cater to your needs. 

Regular Catering Menu A

chicken satay, mango salad, gang ga-ree gai, pad thai, pra-ram and rice for every person.

Regular Catering Menu B

toong ngern yuen, larb, pumpkin curry, pad thai, pad ma-keur and rice for every person.

Regular Catering Menu C

tod mun pla, pla koong, gang khaew-wan, pad kee-mao, pad pak over rice and rice for every person.

Vegetarians Regular Catering Menu D

por-pier pak (vegetarian), lab tofu, gang pak, pad thai pak, pad pak ruam ga-prow, rice for every person.


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