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Our story

Amphawa Thai Noodle House offers a variety of authentic Thai dishes made from the freshest of local ingredients. We prepare our dishes with great attention to the fine balance of flavor profiles, aromas, and textures known to Thai cuisine.


We hope to introduce new enticing flavors and provide sensational experiences that keep you coming back for more.


What is Amphawa?

Amphawa is a floating market in Thailand where vendors are ready and waiting to prepare and serve their Thai specialties on their boats filled with fresh produce. amphawa is the perfect place where you can become immersed in the thai lifestyle and satisfy your cravings altogether.


Here at Amphawa Thai Noodle House,
we take the same concept and provide you with just that: fresh and authentic thai cuisine in a
welcoming and ambient setting.

Our chef

Executive chef and owner Kob Varaphol has had over 20 successful years working in the restaurant industry. Now as entrepreneur, he is excited to
introduce his rendition of authentic Thai dishes in hope that you will enjoy the experience as much as he does.

"Hope to see you at Amphawa Thai Noodle House. I will be happy to make you lunch and dinner at our restaurant with perfect experience"

- Kob Varaphol, Chef


Top Thai in the Bay

"Humble, homestyle cooking prevails at this neighborhood mainstay.


In 2011, Kob Varaphol opened Amphawa in the Richmond District, a cozy spot with a huge menu of noodles and hard-to-find specialities. Kao ka moo, a slow-braised pork-leg stew and favorite of Thai street vendors, is infused with the aromas of cinnamon, star anise, coriander and soy sauce and is served with tart pickled mustard greens on the side. The basic version comes with rice, but it's also fantastic in noodle soup form, when you can really breathe in the fragrance of the spices. Angel wings, chicken wings fried to a crisp and tossed in a sticky and spicy chile-garlic sauce, are also a crowd-pleaser."'


- Soleil Ho, San Francisco Chronicle - 

Awarded by San Francisco Chronicle - 2013, August, 2021, January,  2022, January & 2023, May

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about us


"Amphawa Thai Noodle House in the Inner Richmond finds that sacred common ground in the middle as just a plain, comfortable restaurant that happens to serve you a superb version of chicken wings called 'Angel Wings' and the ultimate noodle stir-fry plate, pad kee-mao." 



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