5020 geary blvd.
(at 14th ave)
san francisco,
ca 94118
(415) 221-2824

dinning hours
open daily
12:00 pm - 11:00 pm

delivery hours
order daily
5:00 pm - 10:00 pm

holiday hours

001. toong egern  
minced chicken and vegetable wrapped in a pouch served with cucumber salad.
$ 8.95
004. por-pier pak (vegetarian)  
deep fried egg rolls stuffed with silver noodles and vegetables served with sweet and sour sauce.
$ 7.95
002. por-pier sod  
fresh rice paper rolls stuffed with chinese sausage egg, tofu, cucumber with sweet and sour tamarind sauce.
$ 8.95
005. tofu tod (vegetarian)  
deep fried tofu served with sweet & sour sauce and ground peanuts.
$ 7.95
003. tod mun pla  
deep fried fish cakes served with cucumber salad and ground peanut.
$ 9.95
006. sai oou  
deep fried thai pork sausage served with vegetables.
$ 9.95

all items are priced exactly the same as the restaurant's printed delivery menu. (c) 2014 all rights reserved.